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I'm happy you are here! I want to introduce myself and thank you for coming to my page! What you are about to read embosses who I am and my brand. I believe in representing light and happiness in all that I do!


My name is Nathalie Cram. I’m a daughter, sister, wife and new pup mama! In this curated space, you will find my happiest moments, the lessons I’ve learned and messages of hope. We all battle dark days but in those days there is also light for one cannot exist without the other. 

You will find flowers! Always flowers. Flowers are my love language. They fill our souls with happiness and remind us to continue blooming. As a floral designer I’ve had the privilege of watching how flowers light up a space, in the same way they do with our lives. 

You will find dresses! All types of dresses, from relaxed to formal. I feel most complete and put together with a dress on. I live for vibrant colors and daring textures. 


You will find travel! By visiting and experiencing different cultures you are not only able to know more about yourself but the world! Travel allows you to see life differently and to show those in your life that there is beauty out there, beauty just waiting to be shown.

You will find happiness! This is a place of happy moments. I want you to leave with a smile on your face. I believe happiness exists in every moment and that is what I will be highlighting. 

You will find community! A space where you may speak freely with love and respect. Where the people I share with you isn’t out of force but out of my true admiration for them. 

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